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Posted: 22:25 Sunday 14 Mar 2004
by petruha
Matthew Dillon: I believe that the BSD's are doing quite well as a platform, even though Linux obviously has the eye of the masses. All the BSD's have steadily increased their development resources over time and the Linux phenomenon hasn't really dampened it. Keep in mind that developers work on the BSDs for very different reasons then developers who work on Linux. The BSDs are all about advancing software technologies into new arenas, while Linux is all about leverage (which is why you see a very well integrated security subsystem in FreeBSD-5 and OpenBSD and ten different types of filesystems in Linux). Even better, nearly 100% of the user application base developed under Linux compiles and runs natively on the BSD's (and people often forget that major pieces of software such as the X windowing system existed long before Linux came on the scene, running on BSD and commercial UNIX systems). People often forget that Open-Source means precisely that... open source code, which means portability across platforms and operating systems.

iz shitaas intervijas:

Posted: 22:33 Sunday 14 Mar 2004
by Guest
jaa, intervija smuka, nevar sagaidiit, kas no taa dfbsd sanaax un galvenais - kad :?:

Posted: 23:28 Sunday 14 Mar 2004
by petruha
nu teica jau, ka 1.0 release shovasar buus. un tad jau maniis, kaa tur buus. agraak nemaz negribaas meegjinaat, baidos iespaidu sabojaat.

Posted: 18:22 Monday 15 Mar 2004
by Vells
veel ir taads ekkobsd vaacu projekts kaut kaads! She urlitis ar

Posted: 18:35 Monday 15 Mar 2004
by petruha
nu mirbsd izstaas daudzsoloshaaks :)

Posted: 09:04 Sunday 24 Apr 2005
by Guest
petruha I completely agree with yor argument.